Unleash the power of PDF4QT: Your go-to open source PDF editor powered by the Qt framework. With a robust C++ library, intuitive PDF viewing/editing applications, and a handy command-line tool, PDF4QT streamlines your PDF interactions. Try it today.


Experience the power of PDF4QT: An open-source PDF editor designed for both Windows and Linux. This modern solution offers an unparalleled experience for viewing, editing, and rendering PDF documents for all users, as well as developers. Developers have access to a robust C++ library and a practical command line tool for seamless script integration. Regular users can enjoy our four applications packed with a wealth of features. The PDF4QT project is proudly hosted on Github and operates under the LGPLv3 license. Discover the future of PDF interaction with PDF4QT today.

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As the principal developer behind PDF4QT, I have set the following goals for the project:

Join me on this journey and experience the power of PDF4QT today!


Discover the power and versatility of PDF4QT’s suite of applications. These tools are designed to transform the way you interact with PDF documents, offering a comprehensive set of features for viewing, editing, manipulating, and comparing PDFs. Preview our applications in the screenshots section and unlock a new level of efficiency in your workflow. Here’s what we offer:

Experience the future of PDF interactions today with the PDF4QT suite of applications. Try them out now!

Features of PDF open source reader and editor

Unleash the full potential of your PDF interactions with PDF4QT’s impressive lineup of features. Designed to cater to a wide spectrum of needs, these features will revolutionize the way you handle PDFs. Here’s what you can expect:


You should use Qt 6.4 or newer, and use the latest compiler supporting C++20. Tested compilers include MSVC, mingw, and gcc.

Windows / Linux

To build this project, you will need:

Then, you can compile this project, dependencies are automatically downloaded via VCPKG. On Windows, you can also optionally create Wix project for .msi installer.


MSI installer is readily provided for MS Windows users, complete with a zip archive containing all the necessary files for those who prefer to run the program without installation. Exciting news for Linux users - a deb package is now available, bringing you a seamless installation experience. See build information above if you wish to build the package yourself. Dive into the world of PDF4QT today, and transform your PDF interactions like never before.

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